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Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a practical and straightforward solution to help get people talking about mental health in the workplace, to learn tools and techniques for supporting themselves and those around them and to tackle the stigma and discrimination that prevents people from getting the help that they need.​

  • Stress, anxiety and depression are the biggest cause of sickness absence in our society

  • Mental ill health costs UK employers an estimated £45 billion per year

  • Replacing staff who leave their jobs due to mental ill health is estimated to cost £3.1 billion each year

  • Simple steps to improve the management of mental health in the workplace should enable employers to save 30% or more of these costs

  • Employees favour a workplace that cares for their wellbeing and demonstrates support through a healthy work/life balance and strong diversity policies.


MHFA England is the only provider of licensed Mental Health First Aid Instructor Training in England.

We all have mental health, in the same way that we all have physical health.

Mental ill health can affect people from all walks of life but, as a society, we tend not to know how to take care of our mental health.


Mental Health First Aid is an educational course which teaches people how to identify, understand and support a family member, friend or colleague who is experiencing a mental health issue.

Mental Health First Aid teaches you how to recognise crucial warning signs of mental ill health.

You will learn how to listen, reassure and respond, even in a crisis, and develop the skills and confidence to approach and support someone whilst keeping yourself safe.

You will also learn how to empower someone to access the support they might need and help to tackle the stigma, discrimination and shame which are still associated with mental health.

The MHFA England Instructor Training programme is accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health.




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